RichWebMaster Offers 100% IDN Slot Commission

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TORONTO — RichWebMaster, a leading casino affiliate program, is offering a highly unusual 2-month initiative for its affiliate partners – current RichWebMaster members as well as new affiliates.


For the first phase, affiliates will earn 70% commission of each player acquired from January 1st until (and including) January 31st. A commission rate of 70% is entirely unprecedented in the online gaming industry. New affiliates must register before Jan. 1st to benefit from the first phase.


However, for the second phase, RichWebMaster affiliates will earn ALL – i.e. 100% commission -of each player acquired from February 1st until (and including) Feb. 28th. Of course, this level of commission is beyond unprecedented – it’s groundbreaking. New affiliates must register before Feb. 1st to benefit in the second phase.


This unique initiative has been designed as a response to the changing needs of the online casino affiliate industry. These commission levels will enable affiliates to generate 6 months of commission revenues within only two months – while building their client base through several leading casinos (Grand Banks, IPlayTournaments, Black Widow etc…).


Connie Burstin, VP of RichWebMaster, stated that: “This initiative for early 2003 is yet another demonstration of RichWebMaster’s commitment to affiliate program excellence”. She continued: “We look forward to another successful year of working with our affiliate partners to create additional value on an ongoing basis”.


Live Dealers at Golden Palace


SAN JOSE, Costa Rica — In the race to develop an ever more realistic Internet gaming environment, has taken the lead with the recent launch of their new live casino, Golden Palace LIVE.


Cyber gamers can now play Roulette and BlackJack with a real person spinning the wheel and dealing the cards, rather than a faceless, computerized dealer. The Golden Palace LIVE software is included with the original download, and the live video feed can be viewed by dial-up and broadband users alike. Players can even chat with the dealers in real time while playing.


Richard Rowe, the CEO of, believes that this is the next logical step in online gaming.


“The goal for our industry has always been to create the most realistic interface possible”, says Rowe. “With Golden IDN Slot Palace LIVE, we have evolved from a computer game to a virtual link between casino and player. It’s not like the real thing, it is the real thing.”


For all its sophistication, Golden Palace LIVE is remarkably easy to use. After downloading the original software and registering for Real Play, players can select Golden Palace LIVE from the main menu and begin enjoying the live games almost immediately.


“Golden Palace LIVE is ideal for people who enjoy the convenience of online gaming, but still prefer to watch a real person deal their cards on a real table,” says Rowe. “It truly is the best of both worlds.”