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Whats the deal?

Exciting news! We are now accepting submissions for So & So Arts Club’s inaugural Women’s Festival for the month of July. For this first year, the focus will be Women In War. We’re looking to put together a thrilling program of shows, to be presented all through July, and we want you to apply!

Are you a producer looking to get a production off the ground? Are you heading to Edinburgh and want a month of performances to kick off? Are you a playwright with a masterpiece searching for a producer to get your show on its feet? This festival is for you.

We’re looking for your interpretation of this theme. We want dramas. We want comedies. We want dance and stand-up. We want to make our festival as diverse as possible.

Interested? For more information or to submit your application, click on the link below

The Woman And War festival will run July 1st through July 31st at So & So’s HQ at Fred’s Place, a five minute walk from Bank Underground Spaces.  We are accepting submissions until February 29th, 2016.

Playing schedule is a little flexible if you need to get up to Edinburgh at the very end of July.

What Women And War can offer your production:

We’ve got two spaces in our venue . One has 60 seats and the other has 40 seats. To participate in this festival, we ask for £500 for the 60 seat theatre and £360 for the smaller one. You receive 60%of gross box office.

What do you get for this?

Over a month, we give you 14 performances, in a rep schedule.

We give you seven days of rehearsal space. We can also offer additional rehearsal space at a discounted space (So & So already offers very decent rates, so this could be a great deal for you).

You get marketing, advertising, and you publicity. We’ve got a great team ready to go.

You get a festival stage manager and technical director, assuring that things go smoothly as possible.

You get a rep plot of lighting. You get basic sound equipment. You get a projector. To get the details on our package and tech support send us an email at hugo@thesoandsoartsclub.co.uk.

What do we ask of you?

As we mentioned above, we ask you for £500 or £350, for the large or small venue respectively. That equals out to £36 or £25 per performance depending on the space.

Your responsibility is to pay your cast and crew, to find the rehearsal space you need in addition to the week we give you, and any additional set pieces, sound and lighting you need.

Need more info? Feel free to email us at hugo@thesoandsoartsclub.co.uk

To submit now, click here!