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BONN, Germany, February, 24 February1999, D3 Group GmbH from Bonn, Germany is a part of EDISON (European Distributed Interactive Simulation Over Network) consortium which is an European project aimed at demonstrating practical feasibility of the DIS and HLA technologies in various industrial domains. The project, started in 1998, is partially funded by the European Union in the framework of it’s Research and Technology Development Activities called ESPRIT.


EDISON consortium lead by the French aerospace company Aerospatiale will deliver first European generic and integrated infrastructure for Distributed Interactive Simulation Facilities. EDISON will support interaction and collaborative working between geographically distributed facilities for simulation, modelling, processing and post processing. Pilot applications include: validation of space systems with distributed test facilities, training and mission rehearsal using remote resources and collaborative engineering work between design teams in automotive industry.


Distributed Interactive Simulation (DIS) is an innovative technology allowing various simulators and simulations to inter-operate over networks and re-use earlier developed applications. It has been initially designed by the DoD for US military purposes, but now it is rapidly spreading world-wide across various industry domains. The latest generation in the evolution of DIS is called the High Level Architecture (HLA).


D3 Group GmbH is a systems engineering company established in 1996, with offices in Bonn and Moscow, and specialising in development of complex simulation, modelling and training systems with a special focus on DIS and HLA technologies. D3 Group judi slot  experts were the first ones to use DIS technology for Space Simulation, implement an HLA-compliant Space Federation with global world-wide connectivity of simulators. D3 Group GmbH has also developed and implemented proprietary methods and algorithms to compensate network delays for the purpose of DIS. D3 Group members represent many years experience in Spaceflight simulation and spacecraft guidance control and dynamics.


BVS Solitaire Collection – solitaires you won’t find elsewhere.


Now, BVS Development announces the NEW release of

BVS Solitaire Collection version 2.3, an excellent collection of 90 solitaire games from Russia, that includes a lot of solitaire variations you won’t find elsewhere:

Topsy-turvy Queens, King’s Secrets, Napoleon Takes Moscow and many others…


BVS Solitaire Collection features 256 color graphics, sound, multi-level undo/redo, statistics for multiple players, selectable backgrounds, automatic card moving, restart feature, shuffle selection, automatic game saving on exit, game position saving along with undo/redo history and more…


BVS Solitaire Collection gives you the plethora of statistical and scoring screens. You can track your performance and progress in playing Slot Online about as completely as you can track your financial history in Quicken. And you can publish your personal statistics on BVS Solitaire Collection web site to appear in top scores list.


If you’re tired of Klondike, check out this unique solitaire collection. Even if you’ve played a lot of solitaire these games will be definitely new to you.


” …They are refreshingly different. They come in easy, average, and difficult levels, and there’s a well written instruction guide to each one…” (Stephen M. Vincent, GamesRoyale Webmaster).


New Software Learns How To Play Chess On The Spot


A new era for artificial intelligence is heralded by the release of the first “universal” board gaming program


BOULDER CREEK, CA — November 28, 1998 — Zillions Development today announced the release of revolutionary new Windows software, Zillions of Games. Zillions of Games is the first commercial board game program that can actually be taught how to play new games.


“It’s eerie sometimes. You hand Zillions the rules for a new game, maybe one you’ve just thought up, and it beats you!” says Jeff Mallett, the inventor of Zillions and author of an award-winning engine used in several prominent retail chess programs. “In the past we would spend all our time coding complex algorithms for things like the weakness of an isolated Pawn, but now we let the software work out all those details for itself. Instead of programming, we can spend our time collecting novel game rules, feeding them into Zillions, and just having fun playing.”


Zillions of Games works by reading the rules for how to play a game and then devising its own strategies and values for pieces, much as a human game expert might — only it does it in a fraction of a second. “Since it learns the rules on the spot, if we want to see what Chess would be like if Pawns moved differently, one tiny change in the rules while the program is running and bang, we’re playing the new game. And Zillions plays this one just as well as the old one,” explains Zillions Development’s president Mark Lefler, a chess-programmer himself since 1980.


Zillions of Games ships with the rules for Chess, Checkers, Go-Moku, and nearly three hundred other ancient and modern games and puzzles, ready for use. But that may only be the tip of the iceberg, as Zillions Development is turning their website into an Internet resource where more games can be exchanged and downloaded for free. Jeff Mallett points out, “Zillions’ infinite expandability means the sky’s the limit. This product can literally play millions, zillions of completely different games!”


Mark Lefler and Jeff Mallett are both great interviews. To get more information or schedule an interview please email or call directly: Mark can be reached at 011 49 30 826-4195 (Berlin, Germany) and Jeff can be reached at (831) 338-6324 (Silicon Valley, California).